Two Poems by Kevin M. Hibshman

Neurotic girl.
Quixotic girl.
Whirlpool girl who never stops drowning.

Material girl.
Ethereal girl.
Volcano virgin yet no Joan of Arc.

Broken girl.
Token girl.
Terminally sad.
Extremely sedated.

Lithium girl.
Xanax girl.
Glazed over in a pharmaceutical haze.

Sepia girl.
Monochrome girl.
Where have all the colors gone?

Blunted girl.
Stunted girl.
How it hurts my heart seeing you this way.

Are You Prepared? (Project Blue Beam)

They are invading.
Intersection of dead roads.
Litigation with the angels aimed at your intelligence, your imagination.
It's not a ghost in the attic or a light in the basement.
The closing of space, sensory deprivation until one is numb and unable
to question
or form an equation.

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