A Romeo's Comeuppance by Donal Mahoney

Coming toward young Tony now
are the husband and his wife,
that older woman from last night,

the one he danced with New Year's Eve
while downing Heinekens and shots of Jack,
the one he didn't know was married.

She told him he was tall for just 16
and that he danced like Fred Astaire.
But now it's noon on New Year's Day

and the husband just whacked Tony
harder than the drummer
whacked his drums last night.

Falling backward like a slab,
Tony sees the golden halo of the sun
swirl until it disappears.

Later on the gurney, Tony almost hears
the doctor give the nurse his diagnosis,
"a Romeo's comeuppance, not to worry."

White Girl by Stephen Jarrell Williams

of never seeing
you again

flat light
on your memory

mental explosion

you're all over
my hands
scarlet sunset

still manipulating
me like a hairy beast
in your field of naughty flowers

your long bare legs
calling me in for the squeeze

posing your breasts
skyward pink

ripe mouth
full of whispers and sucking
me into slavery

everything stinking

where are you


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