i’m a sucker by Steve Calamars

for a bookworm
with a stupid booty
and thick inarticulate

that open like
suicide doors and
leave me hanging
on their every word

till my heart
turns cold and
my body
goes limp

brain dead
they run psychological
autopsies to determine
what moves me

only to discover
a sex drive that
has me on a
collision course
with hard hearts
and piercing intellects

from learned women
equipped with sharp minds
and bodies curvy as
chess pieces . . .

CLOSE TO PARADISE by Stephanie Smith

The shit stains in the
toilet look like the
Hawaiian Islands

Cleaning that sucker
later on, you realize
that’s the closest you’ll
probably ever
come to paradise

Doctor, by Andrew J. Stone

I’ve seen things lately, things that shouldn’t be here. I’m not hallucinating, not yet; I’m just
glimpsing creatures from the corner of my eye. In the bath, with freshly brushed teeth, the mirror
reveals a thing scurrying out of the frame. Or in my car as I turn onto Baker Place, a flash of flesh
shoots into view from behind the fire hydrant and disappears beneath the weeds. They follow me
into bed, wait for my slumber. I’m not paranoid, Doctor, nor am I creating these creatures. They
are real. I’m not sure how much longer they’ll just simply follow. Soon, they’ll consume my


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