Face To Face by Vic Swan

I see my face in your face
i see my face in the hope and
worried lines that crease
your lips and eyes,
the sparkle in the gleam
of the laugh and glow
of love and loved
and in the
spontaneous combustion
of children playing.
i see my face in weary
torn and sad, the stoop
of burden, the tears
of hopeless,
the hunger unrequited
yearning vagabond heart
of homeless lost souls
and the face of pain.
i know your face
as i know my own
lose and joy
anger and frustration
at injustice and greed
and i see my face in
every face
of our human mirror.
christian, jew, pagan,
muslim, hindu, atheist,
black, white, yellow,
red and brown,
the young and old,
straight and gay mutts
of the universe.
i am an addict,
a felon, a prisoner
an outcast held in
high esteem by my tribe
and see me
in your eyes,
a flawed being
wanting peace, joy
and most of all


Lori Gomez said...

This is beautiful...

Reminds me of ee cummings

"I see your face in my face"

Beautiful, simple, yet highly evocative..
Glad I followed the link from your MySpace bulletin.

CC Closed Captioned for the Thinking Impaired from MySpace but I am also "The Gourmet Chronicles" here on Blogger

Karen said...

you hooked me with the first line and it only got better from there.

Anonymous said...

I agree beautiful poem.


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