Chris McCandless. by Jay-James May

About Icarus
A lie.

He never
Flew too high
His wings.

Died in the
Back of a bus
Alone and smiling.

He smiled
And his teeth were yellow.
He laughed
And we all laughed too.


Anonymous said...

i like the picture this paints.

julie tillman said...

I find myself romanticizing Chris McCandless's story; but I sure do admire him for taking his grand adventure. I just wish he hadn't died.

Richard Kovitch said...

This is a great image. I love stuff that challenges myths, drags the past kicking and screaming into the present. This poem does the lot.

Anonymous said...


epic rites press said...

Excellent!! Perfect choice of imagery, Mr. May, to bust down all the pre-conceived notions, dogma & bullshit draped over our heroes. Like Jesus, who, raised atop a pedastel, becomes unreachable - something unobtainable - brought back to Earth where he belongs, he regains his value as a hero & something to aspire towards. Can't say enough about this poem. It's absolutely brilliant!!


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