Stream by H. R. McGonigal

Crooked elbow turning point bent corner off ramp roadway forest flow tall trees on her knees significant heard not authored
turn pike symbol symptom the gas flame makes a constant hiss a constant breathing sound sometimes the wind will flicker it
minstrel crown reference nostalgia rain systematic continue conflagration separate dilate fortune the beauty that sleeps
attune saint Paul country music on the car radio listen to the one that matters clean the debris that blocks the message
follow through elephants clamor light dances across the material world like an anthropomorphic entity over the water
crowds of people robust round right receive bird song a whistle through the memory of time through dimensions that unify
past present and future car engine diesel rumble like gravel in the lungs like automobile pneumonia reminder of civilization
Nicola Tesla dharma bell remember that coughing unwell society be grateful for their support be loving be sharing but all this
do gooding is done not from the outside-in rather from the inside-out and realize this no separation first then all the acts
will be natural now each sound has a direct intent into the one cause receive the intent the support of the intent the one voice only one
thing on its mind; awaken, awaken, awaken, awaken.

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Anonymous said...

a nice flow of words. the ending is rather brilliant.


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