Someone Is Pitching My Heart Against A Brick Wall by Rob Plath

as a boy i loved
getting my baseball glove
& ball & going by myself
& pitching the ball
at the spray painted
strike zone on the brick wall
in the empty school yard
at 38 that boy feels like a ghost now
but he still exists
only his young wild arm
is pitching my heart against
the wall
it comes back to him in three
or four bounces
& he slams it into the webbing
of his glove a couple of times
& then releases it again & again
the stitching of my heart
loosening a little more w/every pitch
in the spectral schoolyard
of my mind


Karen said...

amazing how resilient our hearts are. nice symbolism

FrostingandFire said...

gorgeous image.

epic rites press said...

Excellent!! Absolutely brilliant, Mr. Plath. I anticipate my autographed copy of NICOTINE SCRIBLINGS and lift my glass of red wine in your honor. Cheers.


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