Cosmic Orphan by Rob Plath

i can't remember how long
it's been like this
but i woke up one day
& i felt like i was on another planet

i didn't connect with any humans
their faces transformed
they were like the insides of the walls
dark, narrow & full of sharp
incoming nails

but the sunrise was the worst
it used to bring joy
but suddenly its arms
were menacing

they placed each of my cells
in a vice-like headlock
& squeezed to the point
of suffocation

i've learned to live like this
constantly snagged by nails
& breathing like a fish
in a bucket

always waiting for night
when i no longer gasp
& i can dream
of my old home


Anonymous said...

so sad and full of despair, but a very good write.

epic rites press said...

Excellent!! This hits one of my favorite themes in your poetry, Mr. Plath - that cosmic couch in the abyss.


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