Turning Yourself On by Suzy Devere

he says he always understands me
he says all the times i think no one gets me
he gets me

i don't want to argue so i say nothing
leave my tongue prostrate
stuck between these teeth
stuck in this lobster trap of a mouth

of course he understands me
everything i say aloud is
measured with a surgeon's exactitude

no detectable venom
no honey sweet
no piss flaming drink or fiesta fuck

labored words coupled with
body language wrapped in saran
arms stuck to sides like wearing
a straight jacket buttoned with my own

he understands me because i never say


then he says

"baby, you're really turning me on"

and i think

"you're masturbating. i'm not even here."


Karen said...

this made me laugh.. good piece!

Amy said...


epic rites press said...

[[ laughing ]] This is brilliant, Suzy - absolutely fucking brilliant!!

Huckleberry said...

Have you guys broken up? If so, let me know. I kind of likes you.


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