The Heaven Of The Alone by Mike Meraz

some dreams are cut short by reality.
I have never grabbed hold of reality.
my dreams are still alive.
as other men my age have a wife,
kids, and a house payment.
I have nothing but a hope,
a dream, and place of solitude.
we all put importance on different things.
some see marriage as the ideal life.
I have never thought this way.
to me happiness consists mainly of peace.
whatever situation brings me this
is the situation I gravitate to.
relationships have never brought me peace.
as absurd as this may sound, it is true.
most of my happiness comes from
moments of solitude.
when that strange feeling comes over me
that says, "it's ok, there is no need to conform,
be by yourself."
even now, as I write this to you,
there is no place I'd rather be
than right here with this pen and paper,
with that feeling of peace,
and the untainted energy of myself.
as others scramble about outside,
doing whatever they are doing,
I am here, needing nothing, wanting nothing,
but a room, a space, a place
of solitude.

such is the heaven of the alone.


Anonymous said...

"most of my happiness comes from moments of solitude . . ." What a perfectly written line!!
- steve

Anonymous said...

This a damn good poem. I was alone when I started reading it. Then was disturbed by my daughter & a phonecall from my wife. A good writer needs solitude, ask Buk or Garcia Marquez. later amigo, Catfish


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