3 Poems by Adam Moorad


there are pictures of my embalmed body
posted on a website selling ad space

i’m squeeze a Visa between my testicles
swollen my broken brown bowl buttock fishes

i download myself i buffer
i see something else my ribs
no color i saved them i deleted them

Goose Island

the trash digs condoms full of unsent sperm
someone stored for cereal sex
some sound of screeching in/out a cheerio hole

i press one tongue i chew
i make, i find my saliva well
frothing old coffee mush mold

i swim my arms
in the bottom of the can
inside empty bottles
under the brown bags
there is a germ
who says, swallow

Eaten Disorder

my drones feel, press error keys
make speckled buzz spayed cat choke

my hair fucks static
my knees shred numb human faces

i fall to the floor on the floor i feel another
floor behind it vibration fiber eats
and eats the carpet

the carpet eats my hair
my hair cells grow out saturated
the tar baby black trauma
insect squeak-rubs its legs together
squealing, i worm dance

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