In which my Puritan ancestor visits me in a waking dream by Thomas R. Thomas

and another thing, you’re just dressed in a t-shirt.

but I’m home alone in my couch.

but it’s shameful. God will condemn you,

God doesn’t care what I wear at home.

and you should be ashamed

well, you might have something there. I don’t have the body
of a thirty year old,

of yourself and cover your shame.

and I can’t imagine God made this body, and look at you
you’re just a skeleton in a Puritan outfit.

Well, I’m dead you know.

That you are, and besides some nights even a t-shirt is too
much clothing, but I can’t take it off all because of you
damn puritans - thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

That’s one thing you Puritans gave to America.


Shame, thank you very much.

You’re welcome. What’s America?

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