Ecclesiastes 12:7 by Joseph Hargraves

Leaves of bonsai Bodhi droop
    Over computer screen. Buddha
        Of bronze under Norfolk pine.

Christmas cactus un-bloomed.
    Dead English ivy turning
        To dust. I touched the quill on

Saint John of the Cross
    Statue. In monastery
        Where it was made

They poked a finger bone
    Of San Juan de la Cruz’s
        Onto the plaster poet.

T.S. Eliot Reading “The Wasteland”
    On Youtube:

From the past
    And hot coffee
        As I wait to turn to ash.


That Karen said...

so much imagery in so few words, beautiful!

Jessica said...

This is very well written. Looking forward to the next one!

Anonymous said...

The details and imagery give the reader a snapshot view. Beautifully done!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I was glad to see the name, Joseph Hargraves. I remember reading some of his work back in the late 80's. He's a really talented writer. I hope to see more of his work on here. thanks.

Anonymous said...

This disquieting augury required many readings before its odd logic began to bother and amuse me. Wikipedia was a godsend, as usual. More, please!

Joe O.

Kimberly said...

I enjoyed this mournful yet lovely expression of our shared mortality.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and extraordinarily mournful reflection on our shared mortality. -Kimberly


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