Two Poems by Maxwell Baumbach

Friend or Faux-

less charismatic
poor man's version
of me

your poor attempts
and false beliefs
that you can
change the world
are so cute

in the
phony voice
you use
that varies by subject

it is almost
as counterfeit
as you

the words you
when I am
not around
carefully knit
a web
of your own shit

your web
is about
to hit the fan



I found the pictures
that you left
of your husband
who passed
with the cut out writing
on the back of it

I found the prayers
you jotted down
asking for blessings
on our family

I found the poems
that you snipped
from newspapers
and magazines

I found the articles
you kept
that pointed to the fact
you wished to leave


I have no doubt
that you are
smiling now
even though
you are gone

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