3 Poems by Adam Matcho

My Boss Used To Write

He would leave Post-it notes
all over the place.
Suspended yellow flags
on the bathroom door
reminding us to flush;

above the paperwork binders
when he had to whiteout
mathematical errors; on the whiteout
when it was used
excessively. I found a blue flap

on my nametag once, telling me
don’t forget to wear my nametag.
They were all mean and colorful
passive-aggressive reminders. Slaying the spirit
of the workplace with hot pink threats.

Notes when the dollars didn’t face
the same direction or when somebody left
the refrigerator open all night,
so the backroom smelled like spoiled milk.
And everyone who read them knew you fucked up.

If you accidentally stacked the lava lamps
without color-coding them first, you’d find
several sticky notes, each one a different color,
suggesting you follow the pattern
and stock the store right, next time.

It was always such a shock
to see them, their pointed language
and sharp penmanship, coming
from a guy who was so nice
when it was just you and him.

How To Take Out The Trash

Fill the garbage cart
until it is bloated
and unmanageable. Some
will spill, but it’s important
to only make one trip.

Try not to touch the trash
that’s green or moist. Roll the cart
slowly. You are getting paid.
Stop and collect the garbage
that falls from the sides.

Outside, look around. You
may not get to see
outside again. Slam
the cart into the dumpster.
Stare at the sky.

Light up. Lean
against the wall, watch
passing people and clouds.
Make money. Do something
with the garbage.

When the boss demands
answers, what took so long,
why your eyes are so red,
explain how the garbage
kept spilling from the sides.

Workplace Post-it Note #17

Dyslexic Llydia,

do not leave
the toilet paper roll
ever again

and when you hang
the new one
please don’t do so
in an underhanded fashion

even with
your disability
you wipe your ass
just like everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

These are super. Super-duper. If Douglas Coupland wrote poetry, this would be it


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