HELLO OLD MOVIE by Ford Dagenham

hello old movie
I tell you,
I am tired
tired from the machetes and fire
and mornings dark as dawn

old movie,
I spent my last coppers in the cornershop
on eggs and on bread
heavy in inaccurate baggies
I handed them over
shuffled back down the hill

so, hello old movie,
you are not so old
it is me, old movie,
that time treads on with tiny feet
old movie,
I drank a monstrous coffee
and I shake now and sweat, cold
old movie, it was black as a winter garden

hello old movie,
I've the end of a bottle to share with you
end of a bottle, times only neighbour
and you old movie,
movie from the 90s, of yesterdays hype
movie I find once a year
with music
reaction shots
and technology
old sci-fi movie,
you are magnificent,
a magnificent waste of time
identical reels I watch while I dream
dreaming of other magnificent things
like lives soft flesh,
held real inside delicate straps


Karen said...

I too have found comfort in a familiar favorite movie when everything else is of control... well said

Wolfgang Carstens said...

Very cool.


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