Blanket by Dan Bradley

Clouds are so huge but less dense than me.
There are a million rain drops in a cloud but
A million inches of organ in this
Twitchy bitch of a
Soul, so
How can I get so calm like that?

Problem is that all these clouds, they work
Together. We all forget the drummer, strum
Discordant. I talk at the world,
Cats, blankets, referees..

Tonight I wish I knew something about astronomy. And
Wasn't just a guy
Who writes poems.

There are lines of stars, shapes of stars and a
Full half moon
And I don't even think I've seen so many
So bright. There's one wild one that must be North
Cause it's the way I'm facing.
It causes such a light I see dim clusters like epiphanies, and
Future galaxies.

It's so incredible I almost go and ask that old neighbor lady
Of mine with the dog
Who scares my cats, who's
Waking up as I begin to dream.

In daylight you could stand in the street
And maybe grow afraid at the possibility of cars
(Dogs, busstops..).

In my nighttime backyard it all looks empty,
Like the universe has always dropped
Just around

Like I could lie down and be welcome
Under streetlamp glow.
Sleep cheek-to-cheek
With willow tree

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