Three Poems by Scott Thomas Outlar

Sweet Sexy Mythology

It starts
as a little
white spot
on the inside
of the cheek
barely reachable
by the tongue
but enough
to know
something is wrong

It grows
over the months
at a snail’s pace
but with a bulging grace
that spreads the tumor
throughout the flesh
to the gums
and the blood
and the deep parts
of the mind
that worry
over the mass
that is surely
not benign

The cancer erupts
with laughter
saying, “I’ve got you”
but not realizing
it’s a suicide mission
It’s ok
there are virgins waiting in Heaven

Taoist Shit

A ragged cough
begins to sound
the same as an orgasm
after enough cycles
of dualistic life and death
have played out
and all the primal noises
prick the same synapses
in the mind

It’s All So Stupid

Everyone is poisoned
by opinions.
Everyone has beliefs
that are complete
but they’re so implanted and infirmed
in their life patterns
that they can’t even recognize
the habit energies at all.
I’m sure I have my own,
so I’m not
just a fool
casting stones
I watch these people
with their stupid opinions
regurgitate, rant and rave
about this or that,
and I guess
in the end
I really am
just one of them
because all I seem to do
is opine
about how filthy
and festering
and fucked up
all these fools are.
I guess my opinion is
that everyone
is a failure,
so I might as well
go for first prize
by running my mouth
more than anyone.

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