Two Poems by Mike Meraz


a girl, Italian, big hips,
tattooed legs, comes in
my store every week
to buy groceries.

I’ve been meaning to talk
to her but all I get out is:

“can I help you?”


“uh, excuse me…”

and all I can get out of her




though our conversations are short,
I feel we have something going on,
a little pitter patter floods my heart
every time I see her.

I must think of something
smooth to say to her,
something clever,

like in one of my poems
where a light shines
at the end
and a smile enters
the heart.

You Are Beautiful, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Different
your eyes write books.
your mouth plays songs.
your body is an orchestra.

you are not one
that needs to create.
you are a creation.

be still
and wondrous.

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Anonymous said...

This poem is lovely. In the real sense of the word. It is also very economical.

Joseph Hargraves


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