Coontang by Catfish McDaris

On tv the Turtleman, America's
answer to the Croc Hunter sat next
to Eddie Murphy talking about
catching possums & coons

Eddie tried to keep cool with his
goofy grin, but every time the word
coon came out of the redneck's
mouth, you could see him pissed

The Skunk Whisperers dressed like
varmint Texas Rangers went up on
a roof with a garden hose & sprayed
a coon in the ass to get it from a tree

Reminded me of Magnolia, a sex
machine with chocolate cantaloupes
& a mojo watermelon smile, she was
a stinky wet dream come true

I'd scrub both her nasty places &
armpits, then after fake orange juice,
vodka & bongs, we'd wreak havoc
like Thelonius Monk & Max Roach.

1 comment:

Peter Greene said...

hmmm. Raccoon nasty places...a little like muskrat love?


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