ASTROLOGY by Russell Streur

The moon is new
In the house of a blind woman
Lisa says in soft lament
gazing at the sky tonight
There’s no hiding

The bottom of the world
Is abandoned to eclipse
The Hour of Judgment
Passes into Saturn’s cusp
Planets are colliding

It all means trouble
Corpses in the forest
Trucks of kerosene exploding
Riots in Cathedral Square
Bangkoks of calamity

We’re in for sorrow
Equatorial dislocation
Days of fasting
Spiders at the bottom of the cup
And general anxiety

Rasputins guide these stars
The roof is caving in
The fallout in the fans
Is one part fire
One part flood

Lisa says
It’s a lousy time to make vacation plans—
On this road to Armageddon
The tollbooth is expecting blood.

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