Two Poems by Zach Wilson

Can I Buy Salvation With A Visa?


God says,
cash only.

And Donne says reason is our soul's left hand,
faith her right.

That makes me a paraplegic,
soul bled out from the screams
of my mother's womb.
Circumcision truly is a bitch.

And if final hope is
indeed flat despair;
I've been sleeping
in the palm of Armageddon
for far too long.

Don't wake me,
I'll find my way back
to the crumbs of this
clumsy living
with a hand. - Yes,
thats all
anyone needs.
I flat-lined at hello
and waned
at goodbye.


Break a line,
maybe of poetry,
or geometric
Break a line of power,
emanating electricity
or one of corruption.
Break a line of formation,
one of warfare,
or intellectual paradigms.
Break a line of genealogy,
or the expectation that follows.

For the art
of Breaking
is a freedom,

and Point A to Point B
is shortest distance
to nowhere.

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