Teeth. by Devlin De La Chapa

The movie star scribbled autographs, posed for pictures, shook hands with his counter elite, then
he went home and drank himself into a stupor. He despised his life. He loathed his wife. But he
loved his teeth. They were ultra white. Sleek. And perfect. His climb to stardom began in a “Close-
up” toothpaste commercial. His decline in stardom happened when he “air-jerked-off” while in a
rock band to a crowd of misspent youths who’s mama’s and papa’s tried to sue him for everything
he didn’t have. After a year of drinking and falling and getting back up, he stumbled into an agency
to beg the receptionist for a five to buy a forty but ended up signing a contract worth thousands
instead when the agent behind the receptionist jerked-off to the magnificence of his teeth. He was
now able to buy every forty in the liquor store around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

The whitest teeth I've ever come across & softest chin I've ever laid my balls on......good stuff La Diablita.....muy bueno amiga


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