Twisted Or The 1,287 Word Sentence In William Faulkner's Absalom! Absalom! by Catfish McDaris

I sat trying to think of titles

Pop That Thang
Pop That Ugly Thang
Jackalope Mambo
Mezcalito Mambo
Magpie Jones
Wolfman Funk
Naked Tattoo Douchebag
The Douchebag Gargle
Fingerfucking The World
I'd Love To Eat Your Mother
Vagina Jones
Horsedick Mambo
Bald Pussy Itch
Pussy Fart Blues
Nipple Cunt Funk

Something else came about,
I knew Burroughs had used
guns & paint to create, I'd try
something with a twist like
Chubby Checker's peppermints

I wrapped 50 thumbtacks & 7
shotgun shells in a roll of
aluminum foil & surrounded it
with 8 cans of spray paint in
rainbow hues, then I placed

Sheets of canvas in all directions,
surrounding the microwave & I
juiced it up with an extension cord

Just before I could crank it, my lady
came home, I was cursed in 3
languages & my rocket never
left my pocket.

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Anonymous said...

maybe you can try again later when she goes to the store.


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