how do you write so much, he asked by Rob Plath

cut yr cable wire

burn yr shitty choice of books

call it quits w/yr wife

abandon what's left of yr family

abandon what's left of yr friends

erase yr so-called education of lies

damage at least one of yr internal organs

study the loneliness of the planet as if it were a science

have yr skin madly itch head-to-toe 24/7 for 8 months

but live closer to yr bones than you do to yr flesh

study yr irregular heart beat upon the mattress

in the silence of a pitch black tiny room

wake up alone each morning & run yr index finger

along the blade of a straight razor

eventually, make a time machine & go back

& make yr father into a fucking monster

live beneath his roof until human blood drips from its beams

& then let me know how yr production rate increases

if it does, i have another list for you then, motherfucker

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Old 333 said...

Zang! Thankee, sir; enjoyed it.



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