Her Name Is Love by Mike Meraz

trying to be strong,
trying to be brave,
I make and accept
phone calls from women
who in most cases
could knock me out
with one decisive blow.

I am a sucker for a good body
and a good soul.

we talk for an hour,
speak ghetto,
make plans to see each other at ten,
then hang up.

I fear the authority
of street knowledge
and the ability to seduce
without speaking.

her name is Love.

she says she wants to hold me
in the darkness of some night.

but I am not a good cuddler.

I can't sleep less than two feet
away from anybody.

she'll have to wait.


Old 333 said...

Thanks for the poem, Mr. meraz - I like a wide bed too.

Peter g.

B-u-x said...

Your work always stays so fresh, no matter how many times I read it.


Anonymous said...


I never get tired of reading "Her Name is Love." It has a great emotional twist.

Joseph Hargraves

prdino said...

hey bro-

good to see you are still doing this, but must say i miss the images of the original hard copy magz...

still got a box of those somewhere...



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