act 4 by Justin Hyde

i didn't sleep with him
i fucked him
there's a difference,
she says into the phone
explaining that she met an old friend
they did some blow
spent the night together.

she's so sorry
loves me
can i ever forgive her?

we're not even dating

we've been
on and off
in some quasi lust
span of boredom
for a year and a half.

i don't want to be with her

she's a unidimensional flake

a simulacrum

a sub-par mother
to a three year old
who runs around
like a feral dog.

so why is my
in a hundred pieces?

why is my
front door
torn off the hinges?

why am i ready
to throw myself in the river
like every other
sucker through the centuries
who let a whore
drop down
into the substratum
of his heart?

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