Two Poems by Ivan Brkaric

Missing Piece

It wasn’t meant for love,
but a mere arrangement.

A marriage of
family and ideas.

A puzzle
we could piece together.

A piece for culture,
family values
and security.

But in the end,
all the pieces were there.

Accept for one,
the missing piece
that was me.

Hard Times

She tells him a story.

How she was an orphan
and started dancing
to survive.

Then she talks about
the college tuition
she has to pay
and how hard it is
to be a single mom.

She talks about a better life,
but is soon interrupted
when the DJ calls her
back to the stage.


Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed both. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing how an egotistical Croatian racist can write a few sentences and be considered "deep". If all these people knew the real Ivan they'd be sickened.


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