As-Cen-Sion by Kyle Hemmings

So, I turned to my friend, Jherk Hand, and said, no, Nebraska is not made of bricks but rather the Nebra Disk is so hard on the sole. The mist had solidified green, formed a shale under our runny thoughts. I tossed a coin and bet which side contained a sol invictus on a quadriga. It was getting hard making a living sacrificing Spaniards in Tanumshede. The sky no longer opened up in jocular truffles and the tourists expected a free lunch with ox tails. At home, my wife was busy giving birth to Hours-Ra and Ramen Noodles but I was placing a wager that Svarog would kick some Indo-Eurasian ass. It was getting unbearable to stand before the caves waiting for The Next Coming, me with my wingtips, Jherk Hand with a sprained wrist, and of course, the rest of the contingent: Wadjet, Sekhmet, O Hathor, Nut, Bast, You-Bet, Bat, Menhit, and First Hathor. The latter could never stop talking how his mother met her death in an elevator. It didn't rain for weeks after it happened. Finally, the rocks broke and a creek of light creaked. Would this one lift night from our shoulders? He stood approximately three inches taller than Titan or as tall as I imagined him to be. A bird-man, with wing span of 6.6 feet and a beard that nearly covered his loins. His eyes turned upward and they bled blue in vociferous streams. Awondo's daughter fainted and I couldn't get a handle on The Barotse Prophesy my mom used to read me when I was knee-high to a Trojan. His mouth spilled movement, slow, gentle. "Eid thsi cor Uni be enog." He returned to the cave. We pondered the relative pronouns in our relative positions. "It means the sun has lifted," said Sekhmet who went blind by cutting the heads of too many goats. "No, it means we will have three more years of drought," said Soya, whose body was covered with tattoos of cobra, lioness, and cow. Finally, the most learned amongst us-- Inspector Zeki, said something about a solar barge, the suffering from the ground, fleeting. But these days, I wouldn't bet a sun chariot for a Hur’s crossing.

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