Coming Worlds Apart by Doug Draime

We had little in common
( except we both loved sex)
She used heroin
I smoked pot
She loved disco
I invented the term disco sucks
She was a rich young widow
I was a poor young starving writer hanging on the edge
She was full of bourgeois culture
I lived a countercultural lifestyle
She liked fancy restaurants
I was a bean and spaghetti man
She had a Doctorate in Comparative Literature from UCLA
I barely got through 2 semesters on the G.I. Bill at Los Angeles City College
She believed in the political process and voted
I didn’t vote and thought politics was a cancer and could solve nothing

She was reading William James, Robert Frost and Susan Sontag
I was reading Louis-Ferdinard Celine, Henry Miller and LeRoi Jones
She bought things
I gave away things
She thought the Black Panther Party were criminals
I considered them heroes
She liked movie musicals
I hated them
She drank Southern Comfort on the rocks
I drank Eastside beer the cheapest I could find
She drove a Lincoln convertible
I took buses and cabs
We both loved sex
We got high and had sex and smoked cigarettes
( but not the same brand )

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