Two Poems by xTx

Boot Camp

The girl got in
with her summer blonde hair and huge rack.
She got in.
I know that shit will be raped.
Maybe not in the hairy hands on wrists/dick tearing vaginal walls sense, but most definitely
when night comes
and they are weary of using the longest fingernail to pick the cardboard boogers from the dust lined walls of their nasal cavities and
the regimented regimenting and
all they have to look forward to are
thoughts of their face in her
summer hair
and how she must taste
down there
The raping begins
fists flying
while she sleeps
dreams of home
soothing her uniformed

Stupid Girl Shit

You are flowers in my mouth.
You are the smell of perfume on my undershirt,
crumpled soft in my hands.
I bury my face.
Every picture, I know, is everything to do with her and
it hurts
I can’t lie
Love is a stomach ache…a burned down house
where I live.
No comfortable spot on the couch.
You live in a raging forest
I watch you through a window,

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