On Viewing A Painting By Jackson Pollock by Mike Meraz

one of my friends

the big deal,
I could do that."

it was one of the few times
I wanted to hit

the genius of art
is the ability to make something
entirely complicated
look effortless
and natural.

you did


xTx said...

Dear Mike Meraz,
I love your poems.
I have the stomach flu right now.

Karen said...

Meraz, you've done that too ;]

Anonymous said...

A perfect little poem. No proclamation, no grandstanding linguistics or attitude--just an honest response in a tidy poem. I want to print this poem and tape to the refrigerator as a reminder of the way art and poets can encourage. The ending, a mini-séance of the poet being kind to the dead, is a deft touch. To quote Orwell "We are the dead."

Paul said...

So true, so true. My favorite example: "Where the Wild Things Are" has 325 words, but Sendak rewrote it over 300 times!

Michael Aaron Casares said...

This is a great poem and a great way to stand up for art, but c'mon, seriously, what's so complicated about splatter paint abstracts? Is it simple techniqe/complicated emotions? Because then Pollock was just lucky, there are plenty of complicated emotions out there...You should check out a contemporary of his by the name of Clifford Still, now there's an artist of Pollock's era who may have just been as complex if not moreso... just my opinion, though. :) This is a great poem, nonetheless! Thanks!


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