Necklace by Karime Limon

I'm in my bed
my chin pressed into my pillow,
my heart pounds against the mattress
and the glow of this window
lights up my hands and face.

I think about him out there,
I wonder where he is,
I pretend
he's on his way
to meet me
and I grow nervous
and scared.

I even plan my outfit
and hair
to look perfect for him,
like his doll.

I feel that pain inside,
of missing his presence,
how lonely it is without him,
and not knowing
if I'll hear from him tomorrow.

the tears flood and blur my vision,
dropping out like little pearls,
formed and compressed
between the heart and the soul

I'll collect these pearls,
and make a necklace
to wear
when he arrives


In Memory of Mr.V said...

Ah, I relate to this more than I would like to remember.. beautifully expressed <3

Germano Xavier said...

Mi piace!


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