for it to work, you’ll need to hide yourself away by Tyler Bigney

I got drunk again

double fisting rum and cokes
at a strip club in a town
with a name I can’t pronounce.
They want my money, but I got none,
so some chit-chat
casual as warm breezes
will have to do.
you need to keep your wits,
keep the conversation quick.
ask questions.
don’t let them see
what’s inside of you
or what’s not.
play dumb,
make it so they don’t know
you came here alone -
your friends in the bathroom,
or got sick
and went home.

and this is your first time
in a place like this.

you’re enjoying the atmosphere. the music. the comfy chairs.
everything but them.

don’t ask them for a dance
and when they’re up on stage
look the other way.

distract yourself with the pinball machine.

don’t ever let them know
you could love them.

how you want nothing more
than to love them.

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