A Cliché Letter to your Old Self by Jay Coral

you are a reformed pessimist
you look at your friends in Facebook
and you say to yourself
you're not so bad afterall

you are unmarried
no pictures in your profile
of academically superior kids
and huggable pets in your sofa

you are successful
at being a floater and a survivor
not that it matters
you recently overcoming an insurmountable odd
and thanking the Lord God Almighty for being your rock
but in your cynical middle age brow
you venerate the impression
that you feel for their suffering
and that sorrow is an equation
you share in the world wide web

ah happiness
you don't have a thousand dollar showerhead
but you are innocently happy
walking eating breathing fucking
on inspired lyrics of pop songs
isn't that what you want others
to know/think about you?

you are almost forty
and you wonder if you are any wiser
you wonder if they understand your poem
you wonder what they'll say to you
the next time they see you.

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