Suddenly Grateful by Rob Plath

i am hungover
attempting to create
a giant healing omelet
consisting of
eggs, tomatoes, onion
garlic & smoked cheese
i am grating the gouda
when i feel envious
at the way something solid
gets quickly shaved away
i wish i could grate
my pain into shreds
then i take a look at
the small mound of cheese
that went from a solid mass
to a bowl of slivers
to a small pile that reminds
one of worms
then suddenly i feel
a little better
add hot pepper flakes
oregano, sea salt
grind some black pepper
& as this golden half moon
sizzles in the pan
i open a window in mid-october
it being a spring-like day
& the sound of the plane
roaring overhead is not noise
but pure movement
& i sip hot coffee
from an unchipped mug
& it rolls over
some chunks of my pain
like scalding water
over blocks of ice
shrinking them for now


Yvon said...

The pepper flakes are awesome. Now i gotta make this omelet.

jack henry said...

rock it rob man

Wolfgang Carstens said...

Excellent! I really dig yr cooking poems - eggs, cheese & worms & this:

"& the sound of the plane
roaring overhead is not noise
but pure movement"

is incredible. For a fleeting moment the "roofless theater of noise" falls silent. One could almost dig a hole right here and bury one's madness.

Anonymous said...

Made me hungry :)

angel of lust said...

Loved it.


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