The Corner Shop El Sanguchetto by Mike Meraz

I just got ripped off
by the Mexicans
at the corner shop
El Sanguchetto.
$2.39 for a gallon of water?
who ever heard of that?
then I come home to find out
my phone is disconnected.
unpaid bill.
so I could not call the body shop
about my van.
I got in a car accident
two days
before Christmas.
not my fault.
it has been a hard week.

now I sit here writing this to you
hoping you understand:

the end of the world
does not bother me.
all I want
is some peace
before then.


angel of lust said...

You cannot care about the world when your basic needs are not fulfilled.
Cheers for posting Mike.
Good luck finding inner peace.

Yvon said...

great ending.

FrostingandFire said...

...some peace before then.


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