Valentines Day by Mike Meraz

I am confused about the worship
of relationships.

I think we should start worshiping

find a holiday

to celebrate

the man

who is alone,

that he has
fought off the forces
and has not relented
but carried on,
remained, stood still.

there should be a holiday
not for the weakness of two
but the strength of one.


Gwil W said...

A veiled and valid point.

Saints and sinners.
Every one with a holiday.
And more without.
Hitler's Birthday.
You name it.
Alone and not alone.
Coming and going
According to the season.
According to the Zeitgeist.
Easter could do it.
Covers all the angles. The
Many angels covered.
Blessed be the peacemakers
for they shall inherit the earth. As we all shall.
Unless we elect not to be buried.
So a holiday then
for those who died alone.
Soldier, sailor, airman,
and the girl waiting at home.
A white rose for an emblem
And a promise of peace to come.

Anonymous said...

"Valentine's Day" plays with language in a happy way. This poem awakens one to one's personal strength--even in the midst of solitude. Joseph Hargraves


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