Two Poems by Michael Ashley

Two Bullets Away

at 2.43am
Dr Konowitz
removed the first slug 

it swilled 
around the kidney dish
like a small black beetle 

number two 
was never removed 

today he slaps his chest
rattles a penny in a jar 
and laughs with Billy  

too ashamed to tell him 
how this moment 
almost never came

The Vintage Jacket

it hangs 
in the confines
of my wardrobe

the words 
Devil's Disciple 
on its back

at least once a month
I take it out
slip it on

for a moment 
I'm nineteen again
and can feel her roar
between my thighs

taking the hair-pins 
at ninety on Sunday

but the door
always shuts

leather scented memories 
are not enough

most Sunday afternoons
I walk to Wynstons

pay £75.00
for an hour
with Halyna

who smells 
of CK One

and grunts
dirty words at me
in Ukranian 

as I plant
another meaningless load
into the emptiness

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Opium Poetry said...

never heard of you before but these 2 are damn good


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