when freedom of speech is treated like murder by James D Quinton

turning the corner
I hadn’t expected to see
an agitated young man holding
a frightened old woman to his body
“get back, get back,”
he told the crowd that had gathered
I could see a few ‘have-a-go-heroes’
sizing the situation up
to make their name in the local paper
“get back, get back”
I crept closer
I could see in his
bloodshot eyes that he meant it

he had a Noika pressed into
her skull
his finger on the send key
he’d obviously composed a
deadly message
a diatribe against the government
a rant about capitalism
a paean to socialism

“get back, get back.”

suddenly, a man, well-built, late forties
with a shaven head rushed forward
(he must have pictured himself in print)
he managed to wrestle
the old woman free
the assailant, backing away,
put his mobile phone
in his mouth
some of the crowd shouted “No”
but it was too late

he pressed send.


Peter Greene said...

Brings King's 'Cell' to mind rather. In a sort of an inverse way. Enjoyable! And thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

One day this scenerio will probably happen. Love it. Anne x


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