Two Poems by Michael Ashley


is the way I am nervous
around sharp points
and bare edges
the line of your form
the tips of your fingers
the rim of your tongue

it is the fact I know
the damage that can be done
by just the slightest slip

this shit isn't learnt
or taught

it's instinct.

This Abstinence

makes me
want to scrape
the base
of my bowel
tear out
that turning wheel
crush it
to the tightest
I see
your eyes
and want them
pressed against
my pubic bone
I eat
my finger ends
the nicotine
around my nails
to skin
to cuticle
to bloody mess
I need
a drink
a cig
an orifice

in any order.


Anonymous said...

nice stuff. very physical.

Paul Hellweg said...

I gave up cigs, but I'd definitely like one or both of the other two! Good poem.


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