The Green River Killer by David S. Pointer

Once a California mother
repeatedly sold her 12
year old daughter into
prostitution then offered
the girl physical protection
against customer beatings
or other kinky abuse— and
that’s a lot more than any
of the Green River Killer’s
victims ever got, and Gary
Ridgway didn’t bother with
any acid bath body disposal
system, he just dumped all
the corpses atop the land
bodies nearly as numerous
as PCB barrels at a Super-
Fund clean up site in Holden,
Missouri then Green River
Gary reported to work
trying to save fellow
employees from a life
of inexcusable sin.

1 comment:

Old 333 said...

The only way to live on is through our deeds, right? I guess there should be a reverse corollary too. Thanks for the poem, sir!


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