And I didn’t want to be a writer, anyway by Melanie Browne

And I don’t have a dick
And I have a husband and kids,
And I’m from the south
And I don’t hate Jesus
And I don’t care about gay marriage,
Because, frankly,
It isn’t that interesting,
And I like grits,
And I have a tattoo
On my shoulder that
Says Rebel Yell
And I put it out on the
For no good reason,
I think I just wanted some
Which is the same reason
I am writing this poem


bruce dorlova said...

you got mine, mel. even tho i never saw yer tattoo.

angel of lust said...

And I didn't want to leave a comment on this one.
But it was way too distracting - it got my attention

Paul said...

Put a smile on my face ... that's why I write poetry too ...


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