Two Poems by John Tustin


The review are pouring

halfway through the season

of “John’s Life,”:

an unmitigated disaster!

A situation comedy more sad

than funny.

Poorly acted, sparsely staged,

the villain too evil to be believed,

the hero unlovable.

Like watching a car wreck

in slow motion.

The only bright spot

those two up-and-comers,

ages five and two.

Maybe they can spin off successfully,

giving viewers something beyond

a numb ass

and a bad memory.


Horses are beautiful,

contentedly snorting, coats glimmering

as they eat their hay.

Cicadas are beautiful,

making chittering calls in the sycamores,

flicking lizard-like wings

for eagerly waiting lovers.

Sparrows are beautiful,

battling pigeons for crusts and turf,

losing and trying,

frenetically grabbing.

Pigs are beautiful.

Geckos are beautiful.

Suckerfish are beautiful.

People are not beautiful.

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