Two Poems by Billy Joe Howell-Sinnard

side effects

the blue sound of conversations
a smokey blue threat
a blue thumb

the blue that's really black
the blue day and the blue night
a blue mirror a blue tattoo

blue smoke above the city
the blue moon in my head
the blue eaten food

blue tongue
naked blue lips
the blue pill under my pillow

This is Where I am Today, but There is a Tomorrow

Recoil and gun powder
shock to life,
words a grey residue
on the pure white page.

Poetry is suicide resisted,
the cocked gun turned aside,
bullets fired in the air.


Old 333 said...

Poetry as 'bullets fired into the air' - right on. Thanks for the poems.

Billy Joe said...

Thanks, Peter, I've checked out your blog. I'll visit once in a while and comment on your poetry if so inclined.

billy angel said...
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sid said...

I really like these two. The blue poem is intriguing and "bullets fired into the air" is a great line about poetry.


Billy Joe said...

Thanks for reading, Sid. Glad you enjoyed them.


Anonymous said...

The first one reminds me of a Lorca poem. The second one hits with a bang. Both very good.


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