Otto by Wolfgang Carstens

was one of the toughest
i’ve ever known.

he joined the German army
when he was fourteen,
fought on the front lines
at Stalingrad,

and despite poor clothing,
no provisions,
and the harsh Russian winter,
he never surrendered.

Otto was tough,
but tobacco was tougher.

even as cancer
ate away one hundred forty-five pounds
of solid muscle,
he kicked the shit
out of three healthy men
who’d dishonored his wife.

the last time i saw him
he was alone in his dark study
wearing his smoking jacket and cravat,
with a White Owl cigar
smoldering between his teeth

and that solitary tear
running down his cheek
told me all there was to know
about being tough


melrosie69 said...

good one wolf

Frankie Metro said...

i usually dont like neo-nazi's but i dug this poem. congrats wolf. well deserved..and no i'm not bringing the wife into it this time. lol


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