Walking Down Prospect St by Diana Rose

Walking down Prospect St
Lifting my cheeks to flowing raindrops
The deep melodic tone beating off of railroad tracks
I breathe deep, soaked to skin
So happy to be alive.

Mexican couple carrying
plastic bags of groceries
enough for tonights dinner
laugh as they pass
the wife balances a flat of eggs in one hand
smacks her husbands ass with the other.
Simplicity is the root of all happiness.

Lillac trees sway
to the breeze of speeding cars
Puddles splash up on
my soaked shoes as they squish squish squish
like a Kerouac haiku.
Funny the crazy looks you get
walking through afternoon rain.

Like the smile I got from you


Anonymous said...

So nice to read something this good--this hopeful--on a Labor Day morning. It gives one hope that things will get better in spite of ourselves.

Donal Mahoney

Anonymous said...

Having this published on Labor Day truly means something to me.. that my thoughts and labors of my pen dont go unnoticed in this great big sea of great writers...my work lately is the observations of the world around me for that is what matters most.. the simple joys and pains that is of this world.
Thank you so much Mike and Donal for reading.
Ive been a fan of your magazine for some time ... would like to feature you in the future on my BTR show!!
Much Respect


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