Two Poems by Ross Vassilev

love song

I should get a job
become a productive citizen
and salute the flag

I should buy that calendar
with Marilyn Monroe
showing her tits

Marilyn, you're a cum-stain
on the red red rose
of my heart

I should write love letters
to Joely Richardson
and Tuesday Weld

I should write my name
in the hallowed ashes
of d.a. levy in Cleveland

I should write pornography
on the skulls of the raging
American war machine

I should write to old Tim Leary
guru of the tripping stars
in the 7 seas of Buddha

I should write to Pete Seeger
who performed at
Obama's inauguration

democracy in this country
is a goddam lie

Obama ain't no different
from the rest of them
ain't no hope

just ask the asphodels
that shrink away
from the bastard in horror.

the ballad of Ian Curtis

suicide clouds
make me think
of ducklings and
red beach balls

I open the closet
and there's Ian
hanging from the rod

a hanged man
is a lead balloon
turning blue

it's a lazy, quiet day

as a punk rock sky
over Manchester

peaceful as
despair, depression
or years of

as beer bottles in
the rusted grass
along forgotten roads
in Ohio.

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