Two Poems by Mike Meraz


she always told me to wave.

"it's good to wave at the people
in the old folks home,"
she said.

so we waved.

me, half-heartedly,
her with a smile
that could light up
the darkest hell.

and as we walked,
we talked about the demise
of our relationship

but at that moment
it was all worth while.

at least we made
some people smile.

Light Moments

light moments between people.
I catch these every day.
"I fix cars," he said, "now get out of here."
"and I fix you," she said with an adorable smile.
how cute, I thought, how sweet,
that moment, that snap shot of love.

like the time I held her in my arms
and she looked up at me and said,
"so this is what love is."

or the time I lay on the floor half-asleep
and she woke up and asked,
"Michael, where are you?"
then she spotted me on the floor and said,
"oh good, there you are."

these are moments I remember.
although if I think of the consumption of time,
I become depressed.

it is these moments that make me happy,
and in a strange way,
give me hope.


lasayona said...

..two beautiful poems, shows the beauty of the DETAILS and how important it can be, for to give positive energy to people.... gestures, glances, hugs, smiles ...

Anonymous said...

"Wave" is a poem that takes place in all of our lives. Most of us block the memory out. It is usually years after the affair is over that we realize the Waves and smiles were among the most intimate, forever remembered moments that continue to enhance our life. Sometimes it is not until years after being dumped that we realize how the small moments/touches/smiles/waves stay with us- and we forget the many people we have had sex and been in jail with. A beautiful poem that touched me. It is nice to see simple humanity in a well wrought poem. Joseph Hargraves

angel of lust said...

light moments is wicked!!!

Karen said...

I like the hope in both of these.. life is a series of happy moments if we pay attention.


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